About Insect Pest Information

The InsectPestInfo is a database on insects and other arthropods including invertebrates covering taxonomy, distribution, field identification, damage, natural enemies and sequence data developed under the aegis of National Agricultural Bioinformatics Grid.

The database presently contains information on wheat, rice, millets, sugarcane, oilseeds, fiber crops, pulses, vegetables, fruits, tuber crops, plantation crops, spices and condiments, Tobacco, ornamental, jatropha, mulberry and green manure on 358 species belonging to different ecosystems.

Additional information like insect images, geographical distribution and data-source has also been included. Scientists, researchers and students can have free access to the information available in the database. An inbuilt option has been added for enrichment and updation of the database by the users with current information on insects and other arthropods and invertebrates etc.