Insect Transcriptomics Portal

Insects comprise more than one million of the described species. Despite the great diversity of species and the importance of insects, mainly as disease vectors and agricultural pests, attainable molecular biology resources for insect study still need to be increased in order to understand their physiology and biochemistry of an insect to address its bio-mechanism.

Transcriptomics (study of the complete set of RNAs encoded by the genome of a specific cell or organism) plays a key role in knowing the quantity of specific proteins (gene product) which are responsible for the specific mechanism of an organism (insect). Apart from the bioactivity information this area of Omics facilitates to decipher

  • How much transcript is there from each gene (expression level).
  • How the expression level change insect development (expression profile).
  • How the expression differ among different tissues or between species.
  • How the environment/treatment affect gene expression.
  • How much variation is there in gene expression levels within natural populations.
  • How the natural (or artificial) selection affect gene expression.

This one click stop gives the absolute information about the resources and knowledge hubs in insect transcriptomic research.

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